A non-profit cat advocacy group for the Norristown, PA area.


In Norristown, Pa., An Ongoing Effort To Control Town?s Wild Cat Population

In an effort to help control the ever-growing population of feral cats in Norristown, Pa., a small, nonprofit cat advocacy group... Read More

Cat Crew Annual Newsletter for 2013 by Susan Wolfe

This year seemed to be the one to find many more street cats who were injured, sick and/or abused. We can't turn away from these helpless animals since they are most at risk. Read More

Cat Crew Annual Newsletter for 2012 by Susan Wolfe

Welcome to the second annual Cat Crew newsletter. Our second full year working to reduce the homeless cat population. Read More

Letter From Successful Adoptee by Karen

While Manny still plays aggressively (my feet under the covers are fair game!) he's comfortable enough to jump in the bed when I call him and, of his own accord, nudges me for pets. Read More

Cat, Crew First Year by Susan Wolfe

Cat Crew is a very small non-profit group dedicated to reducing the homeless pet population in and around Norristown, PA. Our first newsletter is meant to update the folks who are concerned about these orphaned cats (and dogs) and who support the work we are doing. Read More