A non-profit cat advocacy group for the Norristown, PA area.

About Cat Crew

Joanne Moody has been caring for homeless cats in Norristown for more than 15 years. Her devotion is endless. She is passionate about trying to help as many of these helpless animals as possible. Sue has also been rescuing cats in and around the same area for years. They have recently teamed up as "Cat Crew", to work together with the same goal, to reduce the homeless cat population by TNR.

Joanne and Sue, and a few other dedicated volunteers, try to help as many cats as time and resources allow. We use local low cost spay and neuter clinics and work with other rescue groups to place as many friendly cats as possible into forever homes. We bring sick and injured cats in off the street for medical care and recovery. We know we can make a difference, one cat at a time.